Build instructions

[ Unix/Linux | Windows ]

This page describes shortly how to build the Mesh Viewer from source on Unix and Windows systems. It is assumed that all required libraries are already installed.

  1. Unpack the source code
  2. Change to the source directory and depending on the Mesh Viewer version you want to build execute "make":

In case the compiler or linker could not find certain include files or libraries, you may need to edit the first lines of the Makefile. "QTDIR" specifies the Qt base directory, which includes sub directories with Qt includes files and Qt tools such as the Qt meta object compiler (moc). "INCPATH" and "LIBPATH" specify where compiler and linker search for include and library files, respectively.


This is a description on how to build Mesh Viewer with Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 and Qt 3.

  1. Unpack the source code
  2. Generate the Qt meta object source code, which is required for the Qt signal/slot mechanism to work, with the meta object compiler (moc). moc is located in the bin directory of your Qt installation, e.g. "c:/Programme/qt-win-free-msvc-3.3.4/bin".

    Generate the moc source code for the following four header files:

    Example: moc mview.h > mview.moc.cpp
  3. Create a new "Windows" project with MS Visual C++
  4. Add the Mesh Viewer source code (cpp files from the directories qt3, mesh and mathvector) and generated moc files to the project. Do not add the files in the glut and qt4 directories.
  5. Set the following C/C++ compiler options:
  6. Set the following linker options:
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